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U.T.S Studio

UTS Stuudio was established in year 2010. It provides concert organization and studio.

I very much enjoyed this project, as I had pretty much free hands on everything. I got creative and managed to provide very unique design, what reflects the vision and idendity of UTS Stuudio at its best.


Privaat Disain - Web and Graphic Design Studio / EST. 2009

Privaat Disain is a small design studio in Tallinn, Estonia.

We started as a two men dream to provide timeless web solutions with personal touch. Since 2009 we have done many client pleasing projects.


BMW Car Club Estonia

Official BMW Car Club in Estonia.

It doesn't mather if your a true petrol head or just need help with you bimmer - you can all what you need from this enthusiasts community.



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Websites since 2009

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webdesign and development

  • Modern webdesign and coding
  • SEO optimized CMS
  • Consulting and strategy planning
  • Facebook ads, mobile optimization...
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Why me?

Though question :) I am perfectionist and this also carrys over to my work ethics - I fine-tune designs to every little detail, I make great customer relationships, I keep deadlines!

I made my first website in the year 2000. It was classic beginners web with loads of animated gif's and bright colored text. But as I got my first computer at the same year, I knew even less about computers. For long time I wrote all the html code by hand (Copy & Paste were unknown to me). But it was hell of a school and by the time I discovered the wonders of Copy & Paste I already mastered the language of html.

For several years I activly developed my skills and discovered the wonders of world wide web. In a few years time my web's beginned to look like regular sites. Unfortunately in year 2003 (if I'm not mistaken) I stopped active web development for few years.

From year 2005 I've been actively freealancing. I sold my first website also in the year 2005. Since then everything has gone uphill. I've been involved in about few hundred projects since.


e m (+372) 535 65 080

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